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XML to CSV Converter

XML to CSV Converter
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Dynamically converting XML to CSV format is much complicated and challenging task. Unlike as other formatted files, every XML file can have its own schema, structure and format; and each program/programmers are following their own style of table hierarchy.  

XML and CSV are the most common formats for data transmissions between all sorts of applications and also websites.  To transfer data from one application to another, we need to export from source application and import back into target application. If your source produces only XML and if the target system does not support XML, we must need to convert it as CSV.  For example: eBay is hardly using CSV file format for their import process. Converting a XML to CSV will need lot of effort, time, and technical skills.  To answer these challenges, this tool is designed for the end users to convert any XML file to CSV easily without having technical knowledge in XML.  

How it works?

Let us see, how to use this tool with above XML file step by step. You can download the sample file from here: order.xml (having 2 orders & each with two items)

Step 1:

Just click the [Browse] button and select the XML file (order.xml). And pressing [Load XML Format] button will read and load the available tables in hierarchy tree view. 

You can re-arrange the table hirearchy by drag and dropping table nodes.

Step 2:

When we process the files with the current settings, it results two lines in the output for showing address, one for Shipping address and another one for Billing address. Like below:

But normally we need it in one line like below (Note: shipping and billing converted as columns):

To do this, just mark the [Create Separate Table?] column as selected for the attribute name 'Type'. This will create two separate tables for shipping and billing like below:

Step 3:

Re-arrange the table order by doing drag and drop. 

Note: You can't drag and drop table between one level to another level.

Step 4:

Clicking on [Read Records] button will load the records in preview panel. That’s it.

You can save settings as template and use it in the future. i.e., next time you  just need select the template file, xml file and read the records. No need to configure every time.


Command Line:

You can also convert XML files through command prompt.

USAGE:   XML2CSV.exe  "Template File Path"    "Source XML File Path"   "Output CSV File Path"

EXAMPLE:   XML2CSV.exe    e:\xml\po.tpl    e:\xml\po1.xml    e:\output\po1.csv


Batch Process:

You can use a Batch file (.bat) to convert all xml file which are under one directory into an output folder.   Batch file can be download from here: Batch File (unzip Batch_process.bat to application directory)

USAGE: &nbshttps://p; Batch_process.bat  <Template File Path>    <Source XML Folder Path>   <Output CSV Folder Path>

EXAMPLE:   Batch_process.bat    e:\xml\po.tpl    e:\xml    e:\output
Software Requirements: .NET Framework 3.5


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