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Bulk SMS Sender

Bulk SMS Sender
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Bulk SMS Sender is a powerful tool which designed to send text messages from PC to single or group of GSM mobile users within few minutes.  In Bulk SMS Sender tool, we can easily import list of recipient phone numbers and message from CSV or excel files. Also, we can create dynamic text messages through advanced Import facility.  

Where we can use?

  1. Marketing - This is much needed tool for who need mobile marketing solution to send instant SMS text to promote product, new product launch, new product promotion campaign, etc.,
  2. Business – Business people can use this tool to intimate their customers about payment alert, shipment notifications, order status update, office holiday details, seasonal greetings, price hick notification, offers notification etc.,
  3. HR – HR manager can use this tool to intimate their staffs about emergency meetings, holiday announcement, salary notification, interview calls, etc.
  4. Education – This tool can be used in educational institutions like schools & colleges to intimate about the examination dates and results, general circular for parents, special class announcements etc..,
  5. Hospital – It can be used to intimate the patient about their treatment follow up date

Hardware Requirements:

Bulk SMS Sender application supports most popular brands of GSM technology based mobile devices such as Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc., and also it supports RS-232/USB GSM Modem.  Bulk SMS Sender is a cost effective tool. It doesn’t need internet connection to send SMS.

How it works?

Bulk SMS Sender doesn’t need the user to be a technical person; people with moderate computer knowledge can easily handle this tool. Just follow the below said easy steps to send out text messages.

Device Connection:

Plug your GSM modem or Mobile phone in your USB port or com port and press [Search] button.  The application will search and find the device automatically and make application ready to send message. Once your device is successfully completed, it will show network signal level & make radar as Ready.

For the very first time, you can send a test message to any of your mobile number to confirm the device selection.

Note: This tool does not come with modem/mobile drivers. So you need to install driver for your device manually. For example, in order to use Nokia mobile, you need to install Nokia PC Suite which is compatible with your handset.

Add numbers & messages:

There are many easy methods and feature available to maintain phone numbers and messages.

Add Message:

Just by enter recipient phone number, message & pressing [Add] button will add the message to the list like below:

Once it is added the cursor will be ready in phone# box to enter next recipient phone number; after entering phone number, just press [Enter] key to add the same to list.

Edit Message:

Double clicking on an item or right click an item and pressing [Edit] option from the menu will open an edit window to make changes to phone number and message.

Delete Message(s):

Select an item or multiple items from the list and then press delete key or [Delete Selected] button or from right click menu; this will delete the selected items from the list. If you want to remove all the items just press [Delete All] button or from right click menu.

Group Update Message:

In order update same message to all or selected items, we can use the below option:

Just enter the required message to send in the provided box and press relevant button. This will update all or list of selected items with given message at a single click.

Import Message:

This is another powerful option of Bulk SMS Sender. Most of the time we may have data of recipient phone numbers in excel or CSV text format. Instead of adding them one by one, Bulk SMS Sender provide option for your to import it to the tool on the fly. Importing methods are classified into two types in our tool which are standard and advanced method.


Standard Import Method:

This method allows us to simply import phone numbers and personal message belongs to each recipient from excel or CSV file.  Source excel file should have one or two columns; our tool always consider first column as phone number and second column as personal message for that phone number.  

For example,

Select excel/CSV file from the computer, press the preview button & check everything ok, and just press Import. That’s all.

Advanced Import Method:

Sometimes we may need to create text message based on more than one data in an Excel file. This help us to create text message dynamically.

Send Message:

Now everything OK for sending. Just pressing [Start Sending SMS] button will begins the sending process. You can see the live status of each message in “Status” column of the messages list and the radar gets animated as below.

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